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Barbara Manger
artist, printmaker, author


My monotypes and drawings reflect natural phenomena. I engage line as a metaphor — lines that repeat and weave themselves together, lines that echo the flow of a river, the growth of tree bark, or the sway of grass. I am intrigued by the endless possibilities of line: the twists and intertwines, the overlaps and tangles, the random disarray, or seemingly organized structures. The strands of color are fragile alone but gain power when integrated with others. The energy, spatial qualities, textures, forms that emerge are indicative of the natural world.

I gather organic materials and build these into hefty masses or delicate shreds that fade or disintegrate. Printing with an etching press on paper with oil-based inks I combine traditional and innovative processes. The unexpected gifts that emerge are integral to the creative process.

I hope to engage the viewer in imaginative questioning and considering and to evoke memories of experiences with nature.




Represented by Idea Gallery, Door County, WI and Gallery 224, Port Washington, WI