Barbara Manger
Artist, Printmaker, Author

I engage line as metaphor, creating marks that repeat and weave themselves together like fabric or raga or indicate movement for a swaying dance.

Like rivers, some of the lines can be traced to their origins, but another's end and beginning may never be found.

My focus is sometimes on directing and ordering line, but mostly I am intrigued by tangles, overlays, apparent disorder.

Monotype prints at Artspace
A branch of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Fall, winter 2016
Two locations:

  • 725G Woodlake Rd.
    Kohler, WI
  • 608 New York Ave.
    Sheboygan, WI


Barbara Manger
Artist, Printmaker, Author

Monotype Printing

Monotype and other printmaking workshops with individual coaching.

The engaging process of monotype is both easy and challenging. A beginner will find this technique tantalizing in its possibilities. An experienced artist will discover new avenues for exploration and expression. The method is simple, the ink is luminous and you will discover myriad ways to make images on a Bunch etching press with a 40 by 60 inch press bed.

The $100 one day workshop fee covers inks, papers, instruction, guidance and the companionship of other artists working in a light-filled studio space.

Warning! This technique is habit forming.

For more information contact Barbara at